Saturday, August 26, 2006

Medical Heretics Attack Miracle Cure Treatment

My Last "I Bet You Can't Remote View it" Bet! In December I was at the mid point of my TRV training with Joni Dourif. Prior to training, I had studied the history of RV in depth and had followed PSI TECH's recommendations by reading Sheldrake's The Presence of the Past. I was pleased to be able to experience remote viewing during the training, just like it was advertised. However, the day my wife lost her small medication bottle, and Joni said she could easily "remote view" the location, I...

Biotherapies are sensible answers to our illnesses: they use the substances and cells our body normally uses to reverse the condition by mimicking the behavior of healthy people’s cells In Australia these therapies are thriving; one of the more common therapies is to take some white fighter cells from a cancer patient and vaccinate it to the...
What are tog ratings ?

A 'tog' is an industry standard name used for measuring the
warmth of a duvet. The higher the tog rating or tog value, the
warmer the duvet though the tog doesn't represent how heavy,
light or thick the duvet may be. Lightweight duvets can insulate
your body from the cold just as effectively as heavier...

Good bathroom lighting requires a mixture of task and ambientlights. When planning the lighting for your bathroom, be carefulnot to fall in to the shadow trap. Recessed lighting fixturesare very popular these days and are usually recommended. A...There is a multitude of lighting applications for your bathroom


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